Best Ceiling Fans For 8-Foot Ceilings in 2021 (Review & Guide)

Best Ceiling Fans For 8-Foot Ceilings in 2021 (Review & Guide)

The safety regulation which is widely valued is that you need to keep at least a 7-foot clearance from your ceiling fan to the floor. Mounting with a down rod is the most common one we see. But that may not be applicable to the 8-foot ceiling. The best ceiling fan for 8-foot ceilings must have an alternative mounting system like the flush mount. 

Making purchases for such space needs to be calculated thoroughly. Because the prime concern here is to validate that your Fan fits and will work just fine, finding a fan of that sort can be a troublesome task. We formed a list of fans that would fit perfectly in an 8-foot ceiling. Here are our recommendations. 

Best Ceiling Fans For 8-Foot Ceilings

1#Honeywell carmel 48

The first one on our list is the Honeywell Carmel 48, a majestic and stylish fan to carry the task of cooling your space. With modern looks and specifications, this Fan was regarded as Amazon’s choice. 

The manufacturing company is such a huge market leader; it is fairly easy to place your money in their product. And thanks to the amazingly dedicated employees, they always provided the best. 

8-foot ceilings are somewhat regarded as low ceilings today. So, the fans must be able to adjust to it. This Fan here is good to go with 3 versatile mounts. Your worry about the ceiling height is well taken care of. 

With the technical elegancy yet to state, it is a timeless fan in design and whether it is the living room or the bedroom, mount it there and enjoy the cool breeze. That’s not it; the Fan has five reversible blades available in both Cimmerian and Ironwood. 

Honeywell carmel 48


· 48-inch Fan with 5 blades attached to the motor which applies that it is good for the dining room, common area, and medium-sized bedrooms.

· Quality motor, 3 different speed settings and blade reversible function to circulate warmer air during winter.

· 3 different mounting systems. Angled, down rod and flush-mounted. So, it is fair to say that this Fan can be hanged anywhere. 

· The Fan can be controlled with wall settings and remote. Remote provided by the company is a universal one that give firm control over your Fan.

· Comes with a light system. Three 40 watts bulbs are attached to the base with a frosted cover. 

· The Fan is able to provide 5202 cubic feet per minute. Being overwhelmingly energy efficient, the CFM is quite good. 


· Limited lifetime warranty

· Simple operation

· Easy installation


· Lights are bright but at the same time very warm.

· Some buyers reported that the Fan makes sounds and it is wiser not to use them in bedrooms. 

2#Hunter Watson Indoor ceiling 34

This Fan here is pocket dynamite. It is as small as 34 inches in size. Patel shape blades with a unique fan base are pretty eye-catching. On top of that, the Fan comes in a snow-white finish makes it more lucrative than it already is. 

Hunter is a global name in the ceiling fan industry. The company with its big turnover always met the consumer’s demand. The fans manufactured by them are very reliable. 

This Fan comes with an indoor rating and it is ideal for small spaces like a closet, laundry rooms and small bedrooms. The fan design is a complement to the modern interior and It can be mounted closely and with a down rod. So, if you have a space that comes with an 8-foot ceiling, that won’t be much of a problem. 

Hunter Watson Indoor ceiling 34


  • 34-inch Fan with 5 reversible blades. The blades are optimized at 13 degrees so that you can enjoy the maximum airflow.
  • The light system is attached to the core with a painted glass cover. 
  • Chain pull control for quick control.
  • 3 reversible speed system lets you enjoy the maximum benefit even with a low ceiling. 
  • You can mount it anywhere as it can be mounted closely, angled or with a down rod. 
  • It comes with a down rod in case you require one. 
  • The CFM is measured in 3515 which is more than enough considering the size. 
  • Limited lifetime warranty on motor and 2 years’ service warranty on other parts. 


  • Beautiful to look at and circulates a lot of air.
  • Quite and wobble-free. 
  • Easy to install


  • Light bulbs are not that great 
  • Installation is quite complicated. 

3#Mazon 44-In

Ever wanted a fan that can cool your space and be elegant at the same time? Well, we got you covered. This Fan is the perfect composition of power and appearance. 

Built with superior materials and technology, this Fan excels in multiple departments. 44-inch Fan is ideal for small spaces like closets, small bedrooms. And even if you have a low ceiling of 7 or 8 `foot, it won’t be a problem as the Fan is flush-mounted. 

With three contemporary designed blades this Fan easily matches your interior needs. In addition to that It comes with a multiple light setting which is a big plus as you won’t require additional lights for your room. 

With multiple certification, the product surely proved its worth in the market and so far, the result has been astonishing. Here are some more features before you decide to buy this magnificent item. 

Mazon 44-In


  • 44-inch ceiling fan with a unique base and 3 blades. The Fan is goo for small space like a small bedroom, kitchen, storeroom etc.
  • The blades are made of plywood with an oil-rubbed finish. The base is built with superior metal. In terms of aesthetics, it gains an exotic look.
  • LED Light is attached to the Fan. It is covered by frosted glass. The lights are super bright 60 watts bulbs. And you’ll be glad to know that the lights are dimmable and you can set the brightness as per your preference. 
  • The Fan is a low profile. It is flush-mounted. 
  • The Fan is mostly controlled with a fully functional remote. For any additional need manufacturers do provide a wall control system for free.
  • The fan blades are reversible and for a sturdy motor the operation is super smooth. You’ll get an airflow of 2815 cubic ft per minute.
  • The Fan is UI land ETL listed. It is also tagged as an energy star. 


  • Excellent for low ceilings and small spaces.
  • Silent and wobble-free. 
  • Light is a very impressive one. 


  • Customer service is not up to the mark
  • The light dims over time. 

4#Hunter Conroy Low profile 42

Hunter fans are known for their innovation and technology. The engineering they brought into the industry revolutionized ceiling fan. They are most known for their low-profile Fan and their ability to adjust to a small space, moreover, small ceilings.

Conroy fans produced by Hunter is an Ideal example of what they boast about. Let’s face it, when you have a superior product compared to your competition, you ought to boast about it. 

This 42-inch modern ceiling fan with a glorious contemporary design should be your dream purchase if you have a ceiling that is 8-foot or lower. Normally a fan can’t function properly in the lower ceiling stated above but not this one. Not only it fits perfectly in your space but also it gives a huge amount of airflow. 

Let’s have a look at their core features to gain a better understanding of their popularity.


  • 42-inch Fan with 4 blades is ideal for small spaces like the living room, lounge, storeroom and small bedrooms.
  • All blades are reversible with an onyx Bengal finish.
  • Ideal for the low ceiling as the Fan is surface mounted. 
  • The light kit is covered with swirled marble cover. It glares into your interior. The lights are very bright shining up to 600lms
  • The Fan has a pull chain control with 3 different speed settings.
  • The Fan gives an airflow of 2825CFM 
  • A limited lifetime warranty also backs the product.


  • Wobble and noise-free fan 
  • Stylish and long-lasting
  • Perfect for lower ceilings
  • Quality LED bulb


  • Can’t be mounted on a vaulted ceiling
  • Customer service is horrid. 

5#Harbor Breeze Mazon 44

Ever heard the term ‘save the best for the last’? Well here we have the prolific low-profile Fan that is known for both its attributes and appearance. Being sized 44 inches this Fan is good for small to medium size space. 

Low profile fans are known for their ability to mount in lower ceilings. But a common complaint is that fans mounted too closely to the ceilings can’t operate to their highest potential. But with this Fan, you can enjoy the maximum airflow without any real effort. 

The silver color fan comes with a very vibrant look and surely catches a lot of attention. The empiric quality is also something to be amazed of. Their gracefulness has won them multiple certifications. Let’s dive deep into more of their features to get acquainted with such a powerful product. 

Harbor Breeze Mazon 44


  • 44-inch Fan with 3 metal blades with silver finish is good for small to medium-size rooms. 
  • The motor is very energy efficient and powerful at the same time. 
  • 18 watts LED lights are covered with frosted white glass and they are dimmable.
  • The Fan is flush mounted and ideal for space that has a lower ceiling.
  • The control system is very good. The manufacturer provides both remote and wall control system. 
  • The Fan circulates air of 4545CFM.
  • The Fan comes with multiple certifications like energy star, ETL, UI, CSA, certified Frustration free. 


  • Full metal structure
  • Unique and good to look at
  • Good price point
  • Easy installation.


  • CFM is not as much as advertised.
  • Lights are not as bright as expected.

Buying Guide

Before buying a fan for an 8-foot ceiling. You need to make some consideration. Here is our take on the matter.

  • Mount- For a ceiling that is 8-foot or lower, you won’t get much options. You have to go with the flush mount or mandate with the safety regulations. Because adding a down rod will bring the Fan down which can hamper your regular behavior.
  • Air flow- Mounting the Fan closely to the ceiling will restrict the fans with air circulation. So, it is wiser to choose a fan that provides greater CFM.
  • Blades and motor- A powerful motor plays a vital role in providing airflow and for the blades, the more blades will circulate the more air. 
  • Finish- Finish is a personal preference. There were times when you couldn’t get many options for a low-profile fan but not anymore. You have a lot of options to choose in accordance with your interior. 
  • Control- Remote control is the most preferred style of control nowadays. But fans with wall cradle or pull chain is still seen. Your choice is what matters in this case but with remote you get extra functional benefits.
  • Lights- Light kit is always a plus as you don’t have to think about an additional light system in the room. But if the Fan is an inch smaller without the light kits attached to the base then that might give your OCD a break. 

These are considered every buyer needs to make before they look for a fan in the market. Having said that, these considerations will only increase their chance of buying a good ceiling fan under the circumstances. 


 Can you put a ceiling fan on an 8-foot ceiling?

Technically speaking, yes you can. Ceiling fans should be installed with a minimum distance of 7 feet above the floor. So, if you are planning to put a ceiling fan in such space, then the standard mount won’t be of much use. You have to have a fan that comes with low profile mounting. 

Are 8-foot ceilings standard?

There was a time when the 8-foot ceilings were the standard one. However, from the start of the 21th century, new buildings are featured with a 9-foot ceiling. Regardless of having multiple plus points the 8-foot ceilings is not the go-to option anymore. Builders go with the 9 or 10-foot ceilings mostly. 

What is the perfect ceiling height?

The perfect height of a ceiling varies according to your design. It is just like another important aspect that is fixed according to your preference. That being said, the 9-foot ceiling is universally accepted as the perfect ceiling height. Previously, House owners were comfortable with the 8-foot ones. But the new trends suggest that the taller ceilings are more into style now.  

Are 8 ft ceilings too low?

8 ft ceilings are definitely not too low. However, they are also not the go-to option in the modern market. 8 ft ceilings are placed a little behind the more sophisticated 9 or 10 ft ceilings. As the latest trend supports higher ceilings more, buyers are prone to them. Being priced so closely with the 9 ft ones, 8 ft ceiling is often the second choice. 

How high do ceilings need to be for a ceiling fan?

The minimum height to install a ceiling fan is 7 feet from the floor and an 18-inch clearance from the walls. Ceiling fans circulate the air in a given space; that’s why they need enough space to provide with the best performance possible. While the minimum height is at 7 feet Experts suggest that to enjoy maximum airflow from a standard mounted Fan, the ceiling needs to be at least 9-10 feet.  

Wrap up

8-foot ceilings are not much of a trend as now as they used to be. So, finding the right is often difficult than it seems. Here are the best ceiling fans for 8 foot ceiling you can choose from, and the purchase would be one you won’t be regretting. 


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