Best Ceiling Fans For Cathedral Ceilings

Best Ceiling Fans For Cathedral Ceilings in 2021 ( Reviews & Buying Guide)

Best Ceiling Fans For Cathedral Ceilings Review

Ceiling fans and their functions depend a lot on the ceiling as the name suggests. To bring the best out of a ceiling fan, you’ll need to understand how the fan works and what are the elements determine its performance.

Cathedral ceilings are unique in their ways. You’ll notice two slopes coming in together a bit higher to form a ceiling. It is unique because in modern apartments straight ceiling is the most common sight. Of course the cathedral ceiling looks very charming and adds a lot of value to your house see Best Ceiling Fan For Cooling A Room. But with the ceiling your home decor choice is more definite. You can’t just put a random appliance into the decoration and hope it will suit. No, it doesn’t work that way.

Choosing a ceiling fan for a cathedral ceiling is a very complicated task for someone who doesn’t have much experience in this matter. This article will definitely put them at ease as we have sorted the best ceiling fans for cathedral ceilings. Let’s explore them one by one.

1 # Honeywell ceiling fans 50615

The audacious mounting system made it mandatory to include this fan. This fan has a tri-mount system is suitable for any sort of ceiling. It comes with a down rod of 4 inches gives you the authority to hang it in the cathedral ceilings too.

The compatibility of this fan is unquestionable to be true. Then again the products have quality written all over it. The LED integrated light, wholesome design, aesthetic finish and technical superiority to boost its elegance in every sphere possible.

The fans have 5 blades and available in two different colors. Being a big 52’’ inch fan and still able to pull the style off is impressive. Let us have a closer look at their feature 

Honeywell ceiling fans 50615


  • 52’’ inch fan with 5 blades attached has the ability to cool a space of 225square footage.
  • Cathedral ceiling is not a worry as the fan has 3 mount systems and a down rod provided by the Company.
  • The motor is a sturdy one. It generates 2175CFM and capable to reverse the blades.
  • The lights are very pleasing to the eyes and they are covered with clear glass. They are shining up to 450lm on just 4.5 watts. It is more than enough to light up your surroundings with this light.
  • It has the power to adapt to both indoor and outdoor atmospheres.
  • The design is a vintage one which allows you to put it anywhere you want.
  • It comes with a damp rating. This shows the strength of the fans. 


  • Superior lifespan
  • Fits almost any ceilings
  • Installing the fan is very easy
  • Very well built motor and the fans do not make noises.


  • The blades are metal blades with wood stickers on it. May peel off over time
  • The installation process is a tough one as per the buyers
  • Some of the customers were unhappy with the pick-up system. 

2 #Hunter indoor Low profile IV

Hunter fans are charismatic and have a proven track record. The Company is dedicated to their loyal customers and only provides the best fans available. This model here is indoor that goes well with vented or angled ceilings.

The fan being middle-sized is good for a small to medium spaces. With 5 blades, it circulates a good amount of air into the given room and on top of that you can control it with a pull chain. Being performance and at the same time style icon, this fan has been nominated as Amazon’s choice. Looking at this low profile fan feature explains a lot about their success.

Hunter indoor Low profile IV


  • The fan is a 42’’ indoor fan designed to comfort a small to medium size rooms.
  • It is ideal for placing the fan in a low ceiling. In case of a cathedral ceiling use a down rod. 
  • The motor as usual, is a majestic one and has the reversible blades.
  • The CFM provided by fan is 2902 and they consume very less energy.
  • It can be controlled using a pull chain.
  • The fan only takes up 57watts in full speed.


  • It is very energy efficient 
  • Product quality is very satisfying as per the users 
  • Quiet little wobble-free fan 


  • No light system.
  • Not ideal for a humid space

3 #Westinghouse lighting oil Rubbed Bronze

This one in our list is impeccably designed fan that is good for big spaces. Presenting Cayuga 60’’ indoor fan by Westinghouse lighting, a fan that exceeds your expectation. This fan has 6 blades to circulate air, so it’s fairly easy to guess its superb performance in this matter.

Coming with lighting system, exquisite finish and a well-built motor, it is obvious that the Company surely didn’t compromise on the quality. On top of that, this fan can mount in any given ceiling including the cathedral one. Without much praising, let’s have a look at their features

Westinghouse lighting oil Rubbed Bronze


  • This is a 60’’ fan which denotes that it is dedicated to larger space, spaces that are up to 400square footage.
  • 6 big reversible blades available in two finishes.
  • Opal frosted light system is generously bright (equal to 60 watts) and it’s dimmable.
  • Anywhere mount. Comes with a down rod to help you with angled ceiling situation.
  • The CFM is measured in 6098.
  • It has 4 speed systems and separately comes with summer and winter mode.
  • All the fan functions are operable through the remote.


  • Excellent air circulation
  • Bright light
  • Easy to mount
  • standard warranty of 2 years on motor


Some of the customers reported

  • Lights don’t dim
  • Installation took awfully long
  • Remote is not on the same level as the fan.

4 #Hunter builder elite Indoor fan

Hunter is a company that goes back to the time when ceiling fans were created and they are still one of the largest ceiling fan selling Company there is. So no questions are imposed on their credibility. 

Their fans are Elite. They are just in the superior league. When you take a glance at them you can sense the premium feel right away.  

We have selected the 52’’ new bronze for our segment.Coming with all the Company specific features, this fan tops the expectation with its mounting. Let’s get acquainted with the fan

Hunter builder elite Indoor fan


  • This 52’’ inch, 5 blades fan is a classic fan to take you back in time. With mahogany inspired to finish this fan suits just fine according to your home decor.
  • The blades are protected with the Company’s dust armour technology which they have patented recently.
  • It has an air flow measuring 5049CFM.
  • The fan is reversible and has both summer and winter mode.
  • The fan is fully controlled through the pull chain system.
  • Can be mount in all three ceilings. To help you with that Company provides a 4’’ down rod.


  • The look is exquisite
  • Energy efficient
  • Good value for the price
  • wobble-free
  • easy installation


  • Doesn’t have a light.
  • Only operable through pull chain.
  • Noise issue.

5 #Home decorators Collection Kens grove

Looking for a fan to install in your loft? We got you covered. This right here is a 72’’ humongous fan to cool you down. As impressive the size is, just as impressive the specs are. 

With 8 blades attached to its core, the fan certainly draws a lot of attention. The design is timeless and modern at the same time. The finish is polished that way you get the Espresso Bronze to glow. 

Technically speaking, this fan has the upper hand above its competitors in multiple sectors. The manufacturer must have had a hard time perfecting such a product. We were astonished by the features it comes with. Here are they:

Home decorators Collection Kens grove


  • The fan is 72 inch, means you need a huge space like lofts, gardens, large hallways.
  • All 8 blades are maple blades with exquisite Espresso Bronze finish. The blades are functional regardless of the weather.
  • The fan has an outrageous power to generate 10,484CFM ensuring cool breeze to flow around.
  • The light system is powered by Samsung. The provided a frosted opal cover with 14watt LED inside. 
  • The fan is fully operable with the hand-held remote.  
  • In the buildup, coupling covers with canopy rings were placed in order to deal with any trouble caused by the screws.
  • Any type of mounting is possible.
  • The blades are reversible and this fan has 9 separate speed settings which is twice more than any traditional fans.


  • No mounting Restriction.
  • Industry leading CFM.
  • Easy to install.
  • Lots of speed option to choose from.
  • Warm bright light.


These are based on the customers review

  • Blades are not up to the mark.
  • Remote might has some glitches.

6 #Minka-Aire F843-WH Wave

Cathedral ceilings are already very unique and with this fan installed in the middle your room appearance can upgrade in a glance. Smart fans are trendy fans alongside large ones. This contemporary fan seems to have passed every obstacle put in its way. 

The graceful look backed up by excellent hardware inside allows the fan to circulate the air needed to cool the room. With tons of smart features you will enjoy once you buy this fan, there is no way of downgrading the amenities and functionality it offers.

The compatibility to connect with WiFi and has open the door for multiple applications. Now you can easily control it with your phone. The praise of this product is somewhat never-ending. So we now take a look at the features they come with.

Minka-Aire F843-WH Wave


  • 52-inch fan has 3 reversible blades and available in white finish
  • This fan is ideal for rooms that are up to 400square footage.
  • The fan is capable of producing an airflow of 6585.
  • The fan comes with a 6’’ optional down rod which is a great help if you have a cathedral ceiling.
  • It consumes 66 watts of energy when running in full speed.
  • Is compatible with Wi-Fi and can be controlled with mobile apps. You can also operate the fan with Alexa, ELAN, Hubitat and many more.


  • The fan is very stylish with a second to none design.
  • Very energy efficient.
  • Operable through both remote and smart appliances.
  • Wobble free fan.


  • The blades made out of cheap plastic.
  • Not the fastest fan in this range. 
  • Some units of the fans are reported as noisy.

7 #Progress lighting P2586-7130K

Before buying a fan, it needs to fulfil some basic criteria likeable to provide a cool breeze, easy mounting and well-matched with the decoration. This fan by Progress lighting does all that with ease.

Today the fan industry is more competitive than ever. It’s hard to tell which fan will serve up to the expectation out of thousands of models. Rigorous testing and well-balanced materials have proven this fan worthy.

Ideally bought for large spaces like living rooms, great rooms and large bedrooms this 60 inch fan has an exceptional design to adapt with its surroundings. They have the right features to become a successful large ceiling fan. 

Progress lighting P2586-7130K


  • This 60’’ fan has 6 reversible plywood blades with a different finish on each side. One side has a walnut finish and the other has a driftwood finish.
  • The fan is mounted in two ways. You can mount it as low profile and for high/cathedral ceilings you can mount it with a down rod.
  • The light attached to the motor is protected by opal white shade and on the inside you will get LED lights powerful enough to shine as bright as 1386lm.
  • The motor is very balanced and at the same time very stylish to look at. The gold coated base will surely impress you.
  • The remote is hand-held and you can do all sorts of controlling task through it.
  • The fan is capable enough to provide a air flow of 4813.


  • Modern tech with a very nice appearance.
  • Super quiet and completely wobble-free.
  • Easy installation.


  • Light is not as bright as per the specification.

8 #52 inch Indoor oil-rubbed Bronze

Next up on our list is a 52’’ fan with decent power and sleek image. Manufactured with the latest possible technology, this fan has tons of benefits to offer. The manufacturing brand named as Hykolity is known for its innovation and effort to give the customers a new experience.

Classes styled the customers always prefer fans. This fan is full with so many positives yet priced very generously. With the affordable price, you can buy this fan for your bedrooms, Living rooms and basement.

Light kits, Remote control and a quality motor pretty much meet the required perquisites. But this product is able to bring some more features to the table. Let’s have a look at the features

52 inch Indoor oil-rubbed Bronze


  • Big 52’’ fan with 5 blades and all of them reversible. The blades have a different polished finish on both sides.
  • The powerful LED lights that come with the fan are covered with an opal frosting. And the 13w bulbs are bright enough keeping a large room in mind.The fan has an airflow of 
  • 4400CFM
  • 3 way mount is possible. Down rod comes with the package.
  • The fan has 3 speed settings and 2 modes.  
  • Comes with a remote. Alongside remote you can also use a wall control system.


  • the high-quality fan at low price
  • mounting specialization
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Quick terminal for fast installation.


  • Blade reverse is not possible with a remote
  • For a place like a basement, a damp rating would help a lot.

9 #Big Ass Fans Haiku L smart ceiling fan

Don’t lose your patience. We have a futuristic ceiling fan next on our list. The Big ass fans are known for their second to none quality. The Haiku L smart fan is priced a bit higher than the regular fans we see. But this fan has so many plus point that the customers no longer complain about the price.

It’s hard to describe the fan’s quality as one may wonder where to start. This 52’’ inch fan is the latest technology-infused, utterly sophisticated product. Winning multiple awards and being so pleasing to look at, it certainly makes your must-buy list.

You might think that it would be a difficult task to hang this on a cathedral ceiling? Actually, it’s not. The fans have a mounting system allowing it to mount universally. Enough of the talks, let’s dig into their noteworthy features.

Big Ass Fans Haiku L smart ceiling fan


  • This 52’’ fan is manufactured with 3 blades and available in 3 different finishes. They are Glossy white, Caramel and cocoa finish. The blades were designed a bit like aviation airfoils.
  • The fan comes with 7 different speed settings and multiple modes which is a rare sight even for a fan this good. Whoosh mode is only seen in this fan. This mode makes you feel the natural breezes.
  • A 60-watt bulb is attached to the base of the fan and the brightness can be adjusted in 16 levels. The business states that the light will have a lifetime of 50,000 hours and can shine up to 988lm.
  • The fan is controllable through remote, wall control or new methods like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant. The fan can read Wi-Fi signal and you can also control the fan through an application provided by the Company. 
  • The fan is powerful enough to circulate a hefty amount of air in a given space up to 225square footage. The motor is a patented product of the Company. The CFM count measured 5604 and an RPM of 181.
  • The fan is super energy efficient saving at least 30% cost compared to the traditional fans. 
  • The fan weighs only 11.9 pounds.


  • Incredible airflow.
  • Master at energy efficiency
  • Strong motor complemented by the equally strong light system. 
  • No sound or wobble
  • Compatible with digital devices
  • Award-winning design


  • Price is high
  • Plastic Blades. 

10 #Hunter Sea wind Indoor fans

This is the second fan on our list from this manufacturer, gives you a basic idea how well their products are. This giant Company holds a large share of today’s ceiling fan market. 

As of the fan, this is a fan which has a distinctive look. The ability to fit into interior with its cutting edge finish is very impressive. Sea wind fans are very long lasting. That’s why the designers aim to produce such magnificent design to match with upcoming fashion and trends. 

These fans have multiple positive ratings. Being mountable in angled ceilings and good damp ratings earned them the fame they deserve. It won’t hamper your sleep with all those squeaky sounds and also won’t wobble above your head. Well tested in every sector, this 48’’ fan is a great fit for you patios, living rooms, porches and similar kind of spaces. 

Hunter Sea wind Indoor fans


  • This 48 inch traditional fan is also known as nautical fans. They come in matte black colour with 5 reversible blades.
  • The fan has a pull control system which is rather easy to operate.
  • Flush mount is the ideal way to hang this fan. 
  • The fan is very energy efficient as it consumes only 63.9 watts in full speed also they generate 4072 cubic feet per minute.
  • The motor is a patented motor by the Company and it has multiple speed options. 
  • Has the option to install a light kit. But it is not included in the initial packaging. 


  • Low profile fan with a necessary damp rating for both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Excellent performance with no noise or wobble.
  • Very easy installation and energy-efficient.
  • Nice outlook for your space.


  • Doesn’t have a light attached
  • No remote

Buying Guide

What should you look for in a fan? This has a broad answer to it. There are certain measures you need to take in order to buy the fan of your need. We have tried to make a buying guide for best ceiling fans for cathedral ceilings including all the relevant information you need to ensure. We have broken them down into specific steps. Here they are

  • Types of ceiling fans– Mainly ceiling fans are of two types. DC or AC. Having said that you can also break them down into more categories based on the number of blades, size and materials.

 For space that has cathedral ceiling it is better to opt for a DC fan. DC fans are more into trend these days and they are of more values than the traditional AC fans. 

  • Fan size matters? – Fans should be bought based on the previous calculation of actually how big space is. Cathedral ceiling is higher than the normal ceiling and requires more CFM, that’s a prime reason why expert suggests large fans for space. 
  • Fan with lights or without– Fans with light integrated is proving it’s worth more and more. With good lights you don’t need an additional light system. Of course energy consumption will also rise.
  • Mounting– Angled mounting is the right way to hang your ceiling fan in a cathedral ceiling. However, you can also use a down rod. Many companies supply a down rod with the initial package. If that’s not enough, you can always buy a spare from the market. 
  • Control your fan– controlling the fans have never been easier. Some fans are manufactured with such modern tech that they are now operable through voice command. However, Remote is still the most adored control system with the latest platforms on their tail. Same goes for the cathedral ceiling ones.
  • Airflow– A fan must provide enough flow to circulate the air around the room. Homes with cathedral ceilings requires more than the normal ones. So make sure you check that out.
  • Materials and style– materials are of great importance as it determines how stylish the fan looks both on the outside and inside. Cheap quality fans may hamper your thoughtful home decor. For cathedral ceilings the classic design is the most preferred one. The contemporary design is also catching up to the race as they are also adapting to these new home decoration.

Budget– Budget is mostly personal. In every range there is a fan that is suitable for you and meets your budget. 

  • Here in the list you’ll find the fans both reasonably priced and able to provide superior quality. Choose what you’ve been longing for.


How high should fans hang in cathedral ceiling?

In a cathedral ceiling, the ceiling fan should hang in a minimum height of 8 to 9 feet above the floor and should maintain a distance of at least 18 inch from the side walls. This way the fan is more capable of delivering sufficient airflow. The minimum height you can hang a fan in such ceiling is 7 feet.

How to clean cathedral ceiling fans?

Turn your fan off. 
Use a long stick to reach the fan and tie a brush at the end of the stick.
Slowly clean the fan. Putting too much pressure would force the fan to wobble in future.
If your fan has lights, then that area needs to be handled with extra care as they have a frosted glass cover.
You can use a ladder to reach the fan, and then you wouldn’t need any stick.

Installing ceiling fans on cathedral ceiling

Ceilings fans are now directly mountable to the cathedral ceilings thanks to be astonishing advancement in this area. Many fans have a universal mount feature. But the cathedral ceiling is a bit higher than the traditional ceilings. That’s why experts suggest using a down rod. Down rod comes with the initial packaging and available in the market if extra needed. 
A ceiling fan installation is fairly easy and with the help of user manual, it’s a child’s play. That being said, if you run into complications, it is recommended to call in an expert

How do you light a room with a cathedral ceiling?

Recessed lights are the go-to lights for this kind of ceiling. The downward-facing lights are very nice to look at and at the same time give off a neoteric vibe without harming your decoration plans. 
Another option is to buy a fan with a good light system. New ceiling fans are equipped with quality lights to brighten up your space and customers seem to buy them for dual purposes. 

What is the best lighting for cathedral ceilings?

You’ll have 2 options in this case. CFLs and LEDs, both lights will serve the intended purpose with ease. What differentiates them is that the CFL lights are used for general usage and LEDs are more specific like reading, cooking and other tasks. LED lights are engineered for directional lighting. A good ceiling fan comes with LED lighting.

Wrap up

All home appliances should be carefully bought as they are an integral part of your life. As for the Cathedral ceiling, it is very unique to look at. An addition of well-matched fan will heighten the beauty. Best ceiling fans for cathedral ceiling is listed here. We hope you’ll make a well-informed purchase decision.

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