Best Ceiling Fans for Vaulted Ceilings

Best Ceiling Fans for Vaulted Ceilings in 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

A ceiling fan in a vaulted ceiling is a mesmerizing sight. But to achieve that, you need the right kind of fan to match the audacious ceiling, which is not that easy as it sounds.

In this segment, you’ll find what the best ceiling fans for vaulted ceilings and their complete review are. We’ve also prepared a buying guide for such purchases to walk you through the process. 

Ceiling fan, even though a common household appliance is always a tough buying decision. It depends on small but crucial details and needs a lot of consideration. A thorough reading of this article will clear out all your queries about these fans. 

Best Ceiling Fans for Vaulted Ceilings Reviews

1#Emerson CF765BQ Ceiling Fan

There are people who wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Quality is their main performance; they look for a product that thrives on being the best. This fan is certainly one to look at. This product is beautiful to look at and carries out all the responsibilities with ease. 

Made by Emerson, a vital member of the ceiling fan industry, is always a name to be trusted. They have proven their worth in the past, and their fans are setting the standards higher than usual. 

Vaulted ceilings are higher than usual and to install a fan that is able to provide maximum satisfaction, you will most probably require a down rod mounting. Available in 3 different finishes, this 60-inch fan is ideal if you plan to install it on a vaulted ceiling.

This product is known for its ability to provide exceptional air flow. The engineered brilliance has made it pretty clear that the fan is a premium product, with the power to give off an industrial vibe into your room. 

Emerson CF765BQ Ceiling Fan with 4 Speed Wall Control


  • Large 60-inch fan with 3 very efficient airfoil reversible blades. Being so big in size it easily fits into a large room of more than 400 square footage. 
  • The ideal mounting option is with a down rod. As the vaulted ceilings are usually high, fans work best if you hang them with a down rod. The company provides a 6 inch down rod with the package.
  • The controlling system is wall control initially. It has 4-speed settings on the wall control. However, the fan is adaptable to the remote.
  • Available in three different colors. They are white, black, brushed steel.
  • Airflow provided by the fan is 7530 CFM.
  • It comes with multiple ratings such as Energy star and Damp rating. You can place the fan in a damp area except for the brush steel model.
  • The light system is not applicable.


  • Great design with even greater performance
  • Outdoor applicable.
  • Very quiet and
  • Easy to install


  • Wall control could have been better.
  • Color fades over time.

2#HUNTER 54187 Bennett Indoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light

You ever have seen something that took your breath away at the very first moment? That you feel the never-ending urge to buy them whatsoever? Well, this is our first thought on this magnificent piece of technology.

We all know Hunter as the worldwide ceiling fan manufacturer and with over a century of experience, they are pretty much the face to look forward to in the hope of something new. Bennett’s line from the Hunter is very exquisite as it comes with a quality lighting system, rustic finish and world-class control system.

Ceiling fans were always there in your house providing airflow based on your need but in recent times, it has evolved into a more sophisticated product ensuring a glazing appearance with a cool breeze. For high ceilings like the vaulted ones, this fan is perfect as this product performs the best when it is mounted with a down rod. 

This fan has a lot of plus points. We are not going to boast about them rather we’ll witness what they have in the offer as the specs and benefits.

HUNTER 54187 Bennett Indoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light


  • The fan is a 52-inch fan with five blades attached to the motor base. It is commonly placed in lounges, bedrooms and living rooms. The rustic finish is very smooth and clean.
  • You can mount the fan in two ways. Close mount and with a down rod. The company provides a 3 inch down rod and you can easily buy an additional down rod if you want. Needless to say, the down rod mounting is the best way to go if you have a vaulted ceiling.
  • The lighting system is protected by smoked glass. The light is a very powerful one shining up to 450lms.
  • The remote on this fan is one of the best we have seen so far. You can change the speed settings and the brightness of the lights. The mechanism is a fairly easy one.
  • The fan is able to provide CFM of 5300.
  • Even with the lights, it takes only 49 watts to run, showing how energy-efficient the fan is.


  • Quiet fan with nice lights.
  • Remote is too good to be true.
  • Lots of air flow.


  • The beep sound made by the remote is kind of annoying.

3#Prominence Home 50344-01 Auletta

There’s a common misconception that the contemporary styled fans are more fit for indoors rather than outdoors. This is not the case anymore. A lot of manufacturers are now producing ceiling fans that are contemporary in design and yet suitable for outdoor applications.

Auletta’s product line introduced by Prominence is leading the line as an ideal example. This beautiful fan comes with a pear white finish making it very eye-catching regardless of the space. You can elevate the room environment with its presence and the fan is capable of setting the tone in a room with its nice cool breeze.

The product has a very impressive specs sheet to be true. The fan is 52 inch in size and can be mounted angled or with a down rod. This means you can place it in a vaulted ceiling easily because it has all the additives to match into one.

Designed to ensure optimum customer satisfaction level, this fan is considered a piece of art delivering excellent performance alongside beautiful appearance.

Prominence Home 50344-01 Auletta Outdoor Ceiling Fan


  • The fan has 4 blades attached to the motor sizing 52-inch total. The fan being damp and outside rated, it can be placed in a bedroom, living room, Longue, patios and garages.
  • The fan can be mounted with a down rod in case of a high vaulted ceiling, it also has an option to mount it angled just in case if you have a change of heart.
  • The fan has a contemporary design that looks very polished with the white marble finish. 
  • The lights are LED powered. The bulbs are protected with a frosted cover and it shines up to 850lms.
  • The motor is a mighty one. It comes with 3-speed settings and a reversible blade option.
  • The basic control system of the fan is a pull chain.
  • The fan delivers a CFM of 5568 on high-speed settings.
  • A limited lifetime warranty backs it up.


  • Easy to install
  • Good purchase considering the investment
  • Exquisite look


  • Customer service is disappointing
  • Bit noisy compared to the other fans

4#Minka-Aire F727-BN/MM,

The next fan on our list is a specialized fan that is custom-built for your high ceiling. This product is created by Minka-Aire, an exoteric name that is on everyone’s lip. We know the company by its product and its sheer superiority. Their product is more than capable of setting the tone in your room.

This fan is a member of the Rudolph collection by the company. Fans are typically placed inside a room to meet your cooling needs, but that’s no longer the case. You have to think of an overall picture of the space beside the fan’s performance.

The product has a unique architectural design and successfully pulls off contemporary attire. With maple blades and brushed nickel finish, we rate this fan very highly. 

This fan stands out in terms of specification too. With all the modern additives present in the fan, it defines your space while delivering promised performance.

Minka-Aire F727-BN/MM,


  • 52-inch fan with 3 maple blades. It comes with a brushed nickel finish ideal for living room, bedrooms and kitchens.
  • The basic mounting option is with a down rod. The company gives a 6 inch down rod for free with the package. That states why the fan is perfect for a vaulted ceiling.
  • The basic controlling system is wall control and it is very efficient. The product is compatible with a universal remote but you have to purchase that separately.
  • The fan doesn’t come with a lighting system but you can buy a custom lighting system from the market.
  • The motor is very powerful. Reversible blades, dedicated winter mode and 4-speed settings is only possible thanks to the motor. It takes 85watts to run the fan at high speed.
  • It provides a CFM of 6664.


  • With dark brown blades, the fan is very beautiful to look at.
  • It has a fairly easy installation.
  • Powerful and quiet at the same time.


  • Plastic blades.

5#HUNTER 53240 Builder Elite

As the name suggests, the fan is elite in every glance. It makes our list because the fan is utterly compact and delivers much-wanted satisfaction.

We all know how big a company Hunter is. There is no additional need for going on and on about their product line and extraordinary service over the year. Seamless in the application and distinct in design, the company knows how to get on your nerves.

Once you’ve looked into this glorious white fan that boasts its classic design, you won’t be able to resist. 52 inches in size with 5 blades, you can place the product at your convenient place and it has been created to take all the installation pressure off you. All the modern features are there along with the traditional ones. Well, just in case you need them. 

HUNTER 53240 Builder Elite Indoor Ceiling Fan with Pull Chain Control


  • 52-inch Marble white fan with 5 blades is a great fit for the living room, bedrooms and lounge.
  • It comes with a patented Hunter technology of Dust Amour nanotech that withstands dust and other harmful particles.
  • The fan is hanged with a down rod. Two down rods measuring 2 and 3 inch each come along the package. You can buy additional down rods from the market.
  • The motor is named as Whisper wind which is another leading tech provided by the company. With the help of this motor the fan provides multiple speed settings, wobble and sound free operation and summer/winter mode.
  • A pull chain is the main controlling method for this fan. It is very easy to control it through the chain.
  • The bulb compartment is present but you’ll have to place the bulb yourself.
  • The fan yields 5049CFM.


  • Longevity is ensured along with quality.
  • Easy installation.
  • Designing a masterpiece.


  • Complaints are found as some units are producing loud sounds.

6#Prominence Home 80101-01 :

This fan has a signature design of its own. Designing such an aristocrat model is not every day’s work. This fan, the second Prominence fan on our list is a well-deserved fan to be considered best for vaulted ceiling. There are a lot of reasons explaining why. One of them is the fan can easily adapt to different decorations thanks to its classic design.

We already started the brilliance shown by Prominence and their intriguing line of work. This fan is a member of the new Bolivar. But the everlasting standard is always present in any Prominence fan.

Bolivar fans come with a classic design that is uniquely designed to give you a custom fan feel. Sizing at a moderate 52 inch with 5 blades to satisfy your cool needs, this is a perfect fan to install in the middle of the room. Even if the room has a vaulted ceiling this fan easily adapts to that with the down rod’s help. The fan has a flagship light system which is somewhat rare in ceiling fans. We are basically saying that when you buy this fan, you won’t require any additional light.

Prominence Home 80101-01 Bolivar LED Ceiling Fan


  • 52 inch with 5 blades in the perfect size to place it in a bedroom, kitchen, living room and lounge. 
  • Classic design with an adaptability to match with all your modern furniture. This fan comes with a soft white finish, very charming to the eye.
  • For standard mount the manufacturer gives a 4 inch down rod with the package. You will have to buy an additional down rod if you need more. However, you can also mount the fan angled.
  • The light is one to talk about. This flagship light is covered with a strong, frosted glass. Inside we have 2 A15 lights installed. They are capable of shining up to 880 lumens and they are very bright without the feeling of warmth.
  • You’ll enjoy how easy the pull-chain mechanism works on this fan. Remote is not included but if you insist then buy a universal one.
  • Motor quality is top class. Quiet, convenient and performance-oriented. It has 3 speed settings, reversible motors and upward and downward dedicated settings.


  • Easy to install 
  • Beautiful light
  • Air circulation is satisfactory.


  • Has a bit of noise issue.

7#Honeywell Carmel 48-Inch:

If a product is priced relatively low, you obviously think it misses out on some important features. If you are a true buyer, you will probably invest your valuable time finding a fan that fits your budget and delivers quality. 

We did it for you this time. This fan by Honeywell is a rigorously tested, quality assured fan. Honeywell, a company that has good morals and ethics believes that a high price is not always necessary for a quality product.

This fan sizing 48-inch-wide 5 large blades circulates ample amounts of air into a given space. Lights are not always the main priority but this comes with a top of shelf lighting kit attached to the base. The product offers style through its two-blade finishes; Cimarron and Ironwood. We are trying to say that the fan doesn’t lack in quality rather provides all the necessities and that too on a moderately low budget. 

Honeywell Carmel 48-Inch Ceiling Fan with Integrated Light


  • A motor base with 5 blades adds up as a 48-inch compact fan. They are ideally placed in the dining room, kitchen, bedrooms. The blades are if two different finishes and all of the blades are reversible.
  • The fan can be mounted in two ways. Close mount and standard mount with a down rod. A down rod is the most usual solution to a high ceiling. Same if you have a vaulted one.
  • The white glass bowl placed at the core is the light cover. Under the cover, three 40-watt bulbs are placed in a powerful E26 board.
  • The multi-purpose remote is very interactive and carries out a lot of important tasks. You can control the speed and dim the lights to your need, whenever you want. 
  • Sturdy, powerful motor with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Running at only 60.9 watts, this fan generates an impressive CFM of 5202.


  • Moves air like magic
  • Well balanced and a quiet fan
  • Bright lights


  • Disappointing performance when mounted closely.

8#Hunter Fan Company 51078 Newsome:

Next up on our list is a magnificent fan made by Hunter. Hunter is one of the companies that started the big ceiling fan movement. Having said that, who wouldn’t trust a company that has been in business for over 125 years now? 

Coming to this particular fan, this is of a brand-new line named Newsome by the business. Don’t feel heartbroken seeing the tag low profile in the title. This fan is pocket dynamite. Sizing just 42 inches it comes with an unthinkable capacity to fulfill air circulation needs of a room sizing as much as 300 square footage. Also, it has an optional down rod mounting, so the worries related to high ceilings are curtailed.It has five blades, made primarily for indoors, 3 custom lights as lighting systems, and a super-efficient remote.

Hunter Fan Company 51078 Newsome Indoor Low-Profile Ceiling Fan with LED Light


  • 42-inch fan with 5 blades is ideal for small bedrooms, waiting areas, lounge and living rooms. The fan is contemporary in design with a premier Bronze finish.
  • The lighting system is present with 3 bright white lights.
  • Universally accepted remote with built-in application to control lights and the fans’ speed settings. Manufacturers provide a pull chain control just in case if you want to go retro.
  • The motor is a patented one, named whisper wind. It is a quiet, wobble-free motor that has a reverse option to increase efficiency in winter.
  • It runs at only 50 watts.


  • Blades look stunning
  • Quick and easy installation 
  • Sound and wobble free ceiling fan


  • Weak bulb cover.

9#Hunter Fan Company 53066 Studio Series

For large spaces, you’ll require fans that are big enough to cover all the corners and all. Rooms with vaulted ceilings usually are bigger than usual or it feels like it because of the extra space above the head. This fan by Hunter studio series is just the fan you are looking for. 

We’ve already talked about Hunter as this is the second fan made by the company back to back. We are just going to state how wonderful the fan is in every sector. 

When we observe the fan features, we get an overall idea of how much effort is put into the process. Walnut finish blades, clear light fixture makes you feel that it has a story to tell. It is one of the most successful products in the studio series and the prime reason behind such success is their technical specs. We’ll have a close look at their specifications and benefits now.

Hunter Fan Company 53066 Studio Series


  • 52-inch fan with five blades in perfect harmony to circulate a lot of air. The blades are of Walnut/Oak finish looking very timeless in the application.
  • The fan has a universal mount, meaning you can mount the fan in all three possible ways. So, whether you have a vaulted ceiling or a lower one, this fan will fit right in.
  • The lights are put inside a clear glass and then attached to the base. The lights are incandescent and you’ll face no major issue with the lights.
  • The manufacturer opted to go with a pull chain control in this fan. The fan being traditionally designed for the controlling system puts additional glare to it.
  • Whisper wind motor is there to provide a constant performance. 3-speed settings, reversible blades and summer/winter mode are all very easy tasks for this mighty motor.
  • The fan generates a CFM of 4740.


  • Doesn’t catch dirt
  • Very bright lights
  • Value for money


  • Light covers are not clear, more like wavy.
  • Plastic blades.

10#Emerson Outdoor Ceiling Fans CF135DBZ :

This is the last fan review that made our list. This fan is a great purchase for any homeowner and as a token of appreciation, we will walk you through every detail. We start with the producing company.

Emerson is a big company and it is well known for its innovative hub. It is the name that is uttered when we talk about quality, innovation and design.

This fan is unique. By that we mean, unique compared to the rest of the fans. The 52-inch fan is called Callisto cove, bossing the performance parameters and A plus in design. 

Being wet rated you can use the fan both indoor and outdoor. Innovation in terms of mounting is limited and all three mounting is available when you have bought this fan. 

The design is tropical but that didn’t stop there, it has all the modern functionality. A light system is also seen in this fan.

For us, yes this is a fan to buy within budget and putting all the regrets behind. 

Emerson Outdoor Ceiling Fans CF135DBZ Callito


  • A 52-inch fan with a tropical design with 5 blades is ideal for both indoors and outdoors as the fan comes with all the necessary ratings. We recommend the use of this fan is the patios, living room and bedrooms.
  • Opal matte light cover on the base protects the light and at the same time ensures clear lights.
  • All three types of mounting possible. The company provides for an initial 4.5 inch down rod for your standard mounting.
  • The fan is good to go in any weather.
  • The remote is a great one. Whole fan functions can be operated through the remote.
  • The blades are reversible both clockwise and anti-clockwise. Thus, it increases the overall energy efficiency by a huge percentage.


  • Distinctive and unique. Sets the tone at home.
  • Lots of cool breezes.
  • Top-level outdoor performance
  • Quality remote.
  • Good lights


  • Humming sound
  • Beware of the defective units.


What does a vaulted ceiling mean?

A vaulted ceiling means that the ceiling is extended from the sidewall to a higher center that results in additional space above your head. The basic mechanism that comes into play is an arch, supporting itself. Inspired from roman or gothic culture, this typical ceiling never got out of style. Modern architects loved the idea of some extra space in the ceiling and the creativity to put into that. 

Do vaulted ceilings add value?

Oh yes, they certainly do add value. Rooms having vaulted ceilings are more likely to have large windows and doors. This will translate into more air circulation and an ample amount of natural lights. Not only will they eliminate the crampy feeling inside the room but also it will reduce the electricity bill. Also, don’t forget to mention the additional space on the ceiling. So, it is fair to say that the ceilings do add value.

Do vaulted ceilings add to square footage?

There’s no definite answer to this question. There are no official measurement standards for a house unless it’s a commercial site. In some places, the vaulted ceiling will increase your room footage by almost double and in some places, there won’t be a change. While there is no definite answer one way to get to the bottom is to measure the space by yourself.

Can you put a ceiling fan on a vaulted ceiling?

Yes, you can. Ceiling fans have evolved into a more modern tech piece, and the increase in their purchase is also very evident. Back in the days, ceiling fans didn’t have many mounting options nowadays, they are compatible for all kinds of ceilings, whether it is vaulted, cathedral, low or high. So, thanks to ceiling fans’ mounting system, you can put ceiling fans on a vaulted ceiling.

How do you hang a ceiling fan in a vaulted ceiling?

Fans in general have 3 mounting options. Flush mounted, angled or with a down rod. While all 3 of these are widely used all over the world, it is important to note that you’ll have to opt for the down rod mounting if you have a vaulted ceiling.
 The blades are required to keep a distance of 18 inches from the sidewalls. Vaulted ceilings are higher than the usual ceiling, and the base height will not be ideal for a ceiling fan as it won’t be able to function properly. Down rod height can be set as per your preference and also, you’ll observe better results from the fan.

Buying guide

The Best Ceiling Fans for Vaulted Ceilings adds great value to your home and a worthy ceiling fan in that space will heighten the spectacles. Being of a specific measure, you can’t install every fan there is. You have to abide by a certain guide to buy the perfect fan for your ceiling. We have picked out the points you need on your way to buy a ceiling fan 

  • Fan size- Ceiling fans have a wide range. From as small as 26 inches to as large as 70, they come in all shapes and sizes. As for a vaulted ceiling, there is additional space above and with that particular ceiling the room is likely to be a large one. So, Fans need to be big in size to help cover all the areas in a room. Normally we see 52-60-inch fans in residential usage but bigger fans can be installed if your space needs one.
  • Mounting option- Fans are mounted in 3 ways. Angled, flushed or with a down rod. Now, normally speaking for a vaulted ceiling, you would want a ceiling fan mounted with a down rod but if the room is small enough, you can also use an angled mounting.
  • Air circulation- Air circulation is the basic priority that the product needs to fulfill. Air circulation is measured by Cubic feet per meter, commonly known as CFM. The more CFM it can provide is the better. 
  • Light- Lights are always a big plus. With a good light system, you can replace your traditional lighting system in the room and elevate the modern vibe. Ceiling fans with lights does consume a bit more energy than without, but it is okay to replace the whole light system.
  • Controlling – Ceiling fan controlling has been revolutionized in recent years. Fans are now compatible with the latest technology like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. But the common controls are still in use and they are at use in numbers. Pull chain, wall controls and remote all systems are still here. It is the user’s preference to choose among them.
  • Blade and Finish- Blades are the most vital part that comes after the motor. Blades help circulate air around the room and with more blades into work; more air will be circulated. So, Higher blade numbers are expected. On the other hand, blade finish is completely a personal choice. It depends on you and how you want your fans to look. Rustic, Maple, Bronze, Steel are the names of common blade finishes available in the market. You are advised to choose one that matches your interior.
Wrap Up

There are thousands of ceiling fans in the market today. We recommend these fans because we believe these fans are the best ceiling fans for vaulted ceilings. If you read the article, you can easily understand why they are deemed the best and purchase any of them that fits into your room.

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