Best Low Profile Ceiling Fans With Lights

10 Best Low Profile Ceiling Fans With Lights in 2021 ( Reviews & Buying Guide)

A ceiling fan is not just a commodity we use to cool ourselves down. It has grown into an important home decor part. The definition of a good ceiling fan is probably one that circulates air and looks good at the same time. These products come with another hugely important feature, lighting. 

Customers often search for fans with a quality lighting system. One of their common complaints is that the lights don’t live up to the expectation. And after buying they feel betrayed. So, to help you with this, our list of the best low-profile ceiling fans with lights.

The lighting system attached to ceiling fans is not a new one, but it has been in use for quite a long time now. With this feature, the fan is now capable of two core features your space needs. Good lighting also shines your effort to decorate the rooms. 

Best Low Profile Ceiling Fans With Lights Reviews

1#HUNTER 54208 Crestfield

With sublime looks and a proven track record, this fan is first on our list. If you are looking to buy a ceiling fan, you should hear the name Hunter as they are one of the market leaders in producing high-quality ceiling fans. 

This fan here is a classic looking fan with all the modern additives. The stainless-steel finish gives the fan a premium feel. Being low profile and yet 52 inches in size, an enormously powerful motor can only explain how this fan is so good at circulating air. 

Crestfield lineup has one special feature and it is their lighting system. Yes, you’ve heard it right. The light system is unique to look at and super bright. The lights have a huge lifespan reported by the manufacturer. They are dimmable as per your preference and they also come with an energy star rating. 

This fan has almost zero complaints compared to the huge list of benefits. It is obvious when you spectate such a superior spec sheet. Let’s have a look at what they are made of and what they offer.

HUNTER 54208 Crestfield
Best Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Lights


  • 52-inch fan with five blades attached to the core and the fan is idealized in medium-sized rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, lounge, office rooms etc. 
  • The motor known as whisper wind is a powerful motor with multiple speed functions, reversible blades and dedicated winter mode. 
  • Being surfaced mounted, the fan stays very close to the ceiling. You can enjoy the full benefits of the fan in a room that has a height of 7 feet. 
  • The fan is controlled with a chain pull system. 
  • One special feature is that the fan is chorded.
  • The light kit the main attraction that draws you near the fan in many ways. There are 3 lights attached to the base with a clear glass cover. These dimmable LED-powered lights can shine up to 600lm. The bulbs take up a voltage of 120 and give a color temp of 3000. 
  • The fan is able to provide a CFM of 3812


  • Wobble free and quiet fan for professional and home usage
  • The light quality is outstanding.
  • Overall performance exceeds the value for the money.


  • Installation is not that easy.
  • Some of the previous buyers faced speed changing problems.

2#Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50610-01 Bonterra

Bonterra’s line of fans made by Honeywell is a design masterpiece. With this fan in your place, you are instantly in route to eye-catching glamour. Honeywell fans are good overall and the buyers definitely love them. But what amazes me the most is the lighting quality of these fans. 

This specific fan here is a closely mounted fan with elegancy written all over it. With Edison bulbs attached to the core, it is certainly powerful enough to light up your space. Technically speaking, this fan sells in such high numbers the right balance of air circulation and lighting. 

This Contemporary fan with brushed nickel finish and also available in two exquisite colors. Being dry rated, this 52-inch fan is ideal if it is used inside your house.

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50610-01 Bonterra
Best Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Lights


  • The fan is 52 inches in size with 5 blades available in two different finishes—ideal for medium spaces like the living room, Longue, bedrooms.
  • 4 Edison LED bulbs are attached to the core. All of them are dimmable from 20 to the highest at 100. The lights shine up to 450lm and have a beam angle of 360, which resonates that they are powerful enough to liven up your space. 
  • All three-mount is possible. The down rod is not mandatory but if you have a ceiling height that is more than 14, you are advised to use one that the fan comes with.
  • The fan is fully controllable with a remote and it is compatible with modern applications like google home and Amazon Alexa. 
  • Powerful motor accompanied by reversible blades and multiple speed settings.


  • Easy installation
  • Soothing lights
  • Decent look with quality performance.


  • Misleading manual.
  • Humming sounds are being heard. 

3#Westinghouse Lighting 7224200

This product next on our list is the fan that gets your attention instantly. Westinghouse has been in the industry for over 70 years now and their idea of ceiling fans has attracted many buyers. We can break their functionality into two sections. They are fans and lightings. Lighting in fans is being appreciated nowadays as you don’t have to invest in additional lighting. 

With transitional style and powerful blades, this 52-inch fan looks opulent in matte black. There’s an allegation about the low-profile fans that they can’t circulate enough air being placed so close to the ceiling. That is certainly not the case here. This fan circulates a huge amount of air. In modern homes where people are driving more towards the minimalist version of life, this fan fits just right in.

A ceiling fan with lights consumes more electricity than a regular fan. This fan comes with an energy star rating for its power-saving additives. These fans are so good that manufacturers trust them with a limited lifetime warranty. Let’s look at their features to better understand why we should purchase this magnificent fan. 

Westinghouse Lighting 7224200
Best Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Lights


  • This product is a 52-inch contemporary ceiling fan with five blades. Having been only 52 inches in size, this fan has the power to circulate air into a 400 square footage room. 
  • The light system is a 16-watt light covered with frosted glass. The lights can shine the highest of 910lm. No additional bulbs are required and the brightness can be controlled. 
  • The fan gives a CFM of 3589, which is very impressive given its size. 
  • The fan is fully controllable with a remote. With multiple speed settings, the fan also comes with summer, winter mode. All the fan blades are reversible.
  • You can mount the low fan profile or with the help of a down rod. 
  • A strong motor with a lifetime warranty and other fan parts is backed with a 2 years’ service warranty. 


  • Gorgeous looking client fan with bright lights.
  • Fits various decorations and mounts.
  • Good value for money


  • The installation is too hard to handle. 
  • Instructions were pretty vague. 

4#Prominence Home 80029-01 Alvina

Today’s market is very competitive and to survive in the market, the product has to be an eminent one. Low profile fans are getting popular as they take up less space and provide better air circulation. With a satin nickel finish, this is a gorgeous look.  

When you judge the fan with its technical specification, you’ll get the full picture of why this fan-made by prominence is so famous. Prominence as a company is very successful at making ceiling fans. Prominence has a product lineup that is designed nicely to accommodate your need for any ceiling fan. If you are looking for a hugger fan for slightly lower ceilings and want a good lighting system. Then the company will recommend this one. 

There is not much to talk about the longevity of the fan as it tends to last forever. Ceiling fans are modern and at the same time, very compact pieces of technology. You’ll get all the regular attributes like reversible blades, down rod mounting but what stands out here is the lighting. Let’s talk in detail below about the specs and hyped lighting system.

Prominence Home 80029-01 Alvina
Best Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Lights


  • The fan is 42 in size with 5 blades and it was designated for a low ceiling as the fans are low profile. The product offers more free space in your room and cools it down. It can amuse a room of 350 square footage with its cool breeze.
  • The light is placed at the base of the fan with frosted opal covering. One 15w bulb is placed under the cover but there is no way of telling as the light shines brighter than its specification. 
  • Blades are reversible and have dedicated summer, winter mode. The fan is very energy efficient.
  • There maple finish on one side and a walnut finish on the other. The blades form an exquisite look thanks to the dual finish.
  • The fan is primarily controlled with a pull chain. But you can control it with the universally accepted remote.


  • Great value for money.
  • Easy to install.
  • Good light 


  • It can be loud sometimes.

5#Mazon 44-in Oil-Rubbed bronze 

The fan is futuristic in design and seems like a new avatar for upcoming products to come. The company is putting a lot of effort into bringing in some innovations into the industry and so far, they have been successful. With tons of features and a classy appearance, this is one of the best ceiling low profile fans recently. On top of that, a light system is also attached to the motor base which takes up no extra inches. The company takes great pride in one of its premium products.

The fan works great. There is no question about that. It works better than any average low-profile fan. With quality parts and superior technology, these fans are perfect for a low ceiling. You can enjoy the fresh air circulated by the fan in your small office, bedroom and lounge. 

Let’s talk about the light for a minute. To complement such a highly rated ceiling fan, either you attach an excellent lighting system or don’t. They opted for the first idea and installed a magnificent light to the base. The frosted opal covering ensures comforting light all over the place. The light is LED powered dimmable lights which shines very brightly.  

Mazon 44-in Oil-Rubbed bronze 
Best Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Lights


  • This is a 44-inch fan associated with 3 plywood blades circulating enough air to lower ceilings with a small room coverage.
  • This low profile can only be mounted as surface mounted. 
  • LED integrated light is attached to the base with frosted opal covering. The lights are dimmable and in their 100% they shines very bright to be true.
  • It takes only 56 wattages and provides a CFM of 2845.
  • The Control system is either remote control or a pull chain. The remote is very useful in terms of easily controlled from anywhere in the given space.
  • Performance-oriented fans are also energy conscious. It did win multiple listings like UI listing, Energy star.


  • Easy install, good airflow without any sound.
  • Design statement in your home décor.


  • Poor instructions.
  • Plywood blades.


Dedicated purely to your comfort, this fan adjusts to your room nicely and distributes air all around and in bonus, you get a light that easily substitutes your lighting needs. With only three blades, the product can provide results that are hard to match even for a 5 blades fan. The fan was created with a traditional design in mind and it has successfully pulled that off.

The name Minka-Aire is now popular around the blocks. Supplying quality products, their maintenance and an unparalleled customer care service have earned them such assurance. The company is known for its conceptual design and leading tech and so far, they didn’t disappoint. 

This low-profile fan is very good with a bronze finish that is crafted out of ABS materials. Being performance oriented, the motor is sturdy and at the same time powerful. The lighting system installed doesn’t take up any space. Rather it would eliminate your need for additional lighting in the room. Ceiling fans usually last for a long period and considering this fan’s design and capabilities. We can easily say that this will be timeless and will be a permanent member of your space. 

Best Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Lights


  • 52-inch fan with 3 blades with maple bronze finish perfect for rooms that are up to 400 square footage like bedrooms, living rooms etc.
  • The fan is only mounted closely. So, if you have a relatively lower ceiling, then this is your go-to fan.
  • The fan is equipped with a top of the line lighting system. It is protected with a frosted glass cover. The light is a 16-watt white LED bulb that shines as bright as 450lm.
  • The fan is energy efficient and takes only 60 watts to run. The motor is also optimized nicely resulting in an overwhelming CFM of 6565. 
  • The fan is controlled with the help of wall control. It comes with 3 different speed settings and all of them are very easily applicable through the wall control. You can use the remote but the manufacturer does not provide that.
  • The fan is Wet rated.


  • Conceptual fan with elegant style 
  • Very quiet and easy maintenance.
  • Lights are brighter than said


  • Remote would have been a great addition
  • Occasional humming noise

7#Hunter Fan Company Hunter 51022

White is always elegant and timeless. A bit of white is always there in your decoration. Well, we have a fan that matches exactly your needs when you are thinking of going with the color. This fan by a hunter is also known as snow white boasting its beautiful white silhouette.

Sizing only 42 inches this is a fan that is compact in every detail. The fan is beautiful to look at and there’s no debate. What makes it even more glorious is this lighting system covered with a glossy marble glass. You can sense how much energy this design brings to your space. 

The product is made by Hunter, an established brand of the ceiling fan industry. They have created goodwill providing only the best. Buying their product will give you a sense of assurance along with a technically superior product.

Being low-profile, it will fit your small spaces. Even that is of 7 feet height. You’ll get additional mounting options too. With an all-around fan what you are getting is the brand value, good warranty and wonderful design element in your space. There’s hardly any reason not to buy. To your assistance, here is the complete details of their specs.

Hunter Fan Company Hunter 51022
Best Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Lights


  • Sizing only 42 inches and even then, it has 5 blades. It is good for a small to medium space. The fan fits nicely in a small bedroom, small office and dining rooms. 
  • Mounting is possible in two ways. One is the advertised low profile and the other is with a down rod. For small ceilings the first one is always preferred over the second way.
  • The lighting system is located at the base and looks marvelous from every angle. The lights are covered with marble glass and the lights are quite powerful. The incandescent bulbs shine up to 600lms enough to light up a medium-sized room.
  • The fan is controllable through both the pull chain and the remote. The pull chain is a pre-installed feature of the product.
  • The fan has a powerful motor. All 5 blades are reversible and come with multiple settings like winter mode, speed settings and others. It provides a CFM of 2825.
  • Low energy consumption as the fan can run to its highest on just 56 watts.
  • The fan has a 1-year warranty.


  • Easy to install.
  • Works well and is very quiet.
  • Good lights.


  • Customers complained about their degradation in customer service.
  • The marble cover is fragile.

8#Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50514 Rio 52″

Honeywell is a renowned business that holds a large percentage of market share. This fan makes our list based on how wonderfully designed it is. Viewers will gaze at its appearance as it is very futuristic even for 2020. Design is a top-notch. There is a saying that our first choice is always based on the appearance. As for us, we rate highly of this fan.

52 inches in size and classy oil rubbed finish all around is just what you are looking to place in the middle of your well-furnished room. Materials in use are superb and unquestionable because it is made purely out of steel. Then comes the lights that are placed just below the motor but integrated so nicely that it doesn’t consume an inch of your space. A superior lighting system in a low-profile fan washes all your worries out if you have a low ceiling. 

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50514 Rio 52"
Best Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Lights


  • The 52-inch fan with 3 oil rubbed blades looks silky smooth as always. The fan is good for medium size rooms like Longue, bedrooms, dining rooms and similar spaces.
  • You can mount the fan universally. All three possible mounts are applicable. Even a 4 inch down rod is provided with the package by the company.
  • The lights are protected with a frosted glass cover. The LED bulbs are very bright and give a brightness of 600lm.
  • The main way to control it is with a remote but this modern piece of tech is compatible with Amazon Alexa.
  • The motor is reversible and it has multiple speed settings to let you enjoy the air at your preference. It has a dedicated winter mode to give off a warmer vibe.


  • Great value for money.
  • Unique design with a good light.
  • Modern additives


  • Too loud.

9#Westinghouse Lighting 7234220 Xavier

Xavier is a product line filled with modern fans that are utmost stylish in a style sense. This is an initiative of Westinghouse lighting, a distinctive company with an urge to be the best in a given category. You’ll see the passion when witnessing any of their fans in an application.

This fan, with its steel finish, looks like straight out of some sci-fi movie. Their blades are uniquely placed and the lights are interesting as they tried something new in this category. This low-profile fan provided spotlight facilities as the lights are adjustable and they are super bright with minimum energy consumption.

Our first impression was awed when you looked at this magnificent ceiling fan. The fan is powerful no doubt about that. Also, it is backed up with a significantly large warranty period. The indication is clear. The fan is here to stay and with its design, it will be in style for many years to come. 

Westinghouse Lighting 7234220 Xavier
Best Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Lights


  • The fan is 52 inches in size with 5 steel blades. The application is ideal for a space measured up to 360 square footage.
  • Angled, flush and with a down rod, all three of the mounting is possible.
  • The lights are a new technology in the ceiling fan industry. 3 track halogen lights are there in the core and all three can be used as spotlights.
  • The fan provides a CFM of 5063.
  • It only takes up 76 watts when running at full speed.
  • The motor is also top of the line. With 3 capacitors and different speed settings, you can use them all year round.
  • The fan is backed up with a strong warranty that the motor is under warranty for life and others parts for 2 years after purchase. 


  • Modern design that catches all the attention
  • Good warranty period
  • The newest technology in use


  • Lights wear out after some year although they are easily replaceable.
  • Blades can be difficult to clean.

10#Prominence Home 80091-01

The last one on our list is a vintage design fan for you. Not that long ago, you would get two or three low profile fans and you were somewhat forced to buy them. This fan is an ideal example of how far we have advanced.

The immaculate design and various certifications have made it easier for customers to buy. For example, low profile fans are mostly used in a lower ceilings room. You don’t see much of them in the Porsche or the farmhouse. But that idea was broken thanks to this fan. Applicable both indoor and outdoor it has broken all the mainstream ideas and is special thanks to their clear yellow lights that are powerful even outdoors.

Prominence has separate fanbase in terms of ceilings fans. All of their fans are built with care and looking at the customer care it is clear that they don’t lack there either. This explains their success over the years.

This fan has been an overnight success since the day it was introduced into the market. Why? Let’s its features explain that part

Prominence Home 80091-01
Best Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Lights


  • 52 inches in size and 5 big blades are adequate for space up to 400 square footage. 
  • The fact that the fans are damp-rated, they can be used outdoors alongside indoor usages like garages, patios and other convenient places.
  • All 3 mounting are possible. The flush mount is the ideal one to go for as the fans are manufactured as low profile.
  • The light system has a clear glass protector and the Edison powered lights shine up to 450lms.
  • Various speed settings and all can be done through the pull chain control.
  • The motor doesn’t make any noise even when the fan is on full speed. Different speed settings, reversible blades, specialized winter mode all features are presented here.


  • Vintage fan with a lot of airflows.
  • A great deal in this price
  • Lots of mount options in both indoor and outdoor.


  • Hard to install
  • Lights are not up to the expectation
Buying guide

There is no law that you can buy this fan or not, but you must follow some basic guidelines to witness your intended result. Here we form a comprehensive buying guide for you to follow when you decide to buy a ceiling fan.

Mounting options: Mounting for ceiling fans is one of the most vital parts of buying a ceiling fan. Fans are basically mounted 3 ways. You can mount them angled, flush or with a down rod. Fans in this article are concentrated on the flush and they are ideal for a lower ceiling.

Air circulation: Once we deal with the mounting, we need to ensure if it circulates enough air. It is measured in CFM which means air flow cubic feet per minute. Usually, higher CFM is expected.

Lighting systems in a fan: Lights on the ceiling fan are not obsolete. Moreover, they are coming into trend. The fact is that the lights will consume a lot of electricity, but that’s not always the case. If you have a look at the list above, you can understand. All the ceiling fans come with a lighting system and the energy consumption doesn’t vary that much.

Blades and finish: To answer this question, you need to have a close look at your room’s decoration. Then you have to choose whether you want to with a contemporary or vintage or modern. All three fans come with the newest tech and copulative additives. So, yes, it is more of a personal choice.

Choice of control: So, controlling the fan is an easy task, whether remote, pull chain or the wall settings. All the control systems are efficient. But the remote is the go-to option right now, as in this modern time we want everything easy and within arm’s length. Notable information is fans that are coming into the market recently support apps like Alexa or Google Home.

These are the basics you have to double-check before you invest your money into a ceiling fan. The list above contains some of the most lucrative low-profile fans of today. This guide will help you choose and lead to a well-informed purchase decision.


• What is the Lowest Ceiling Height for a Ceiling Fan?

The lowest ceiling fan height is basically 7 feet from the floor and at least 18 from the sidewalls. Having said that, if you want your fan to serve to its full potential, then an 8 to 9 feet distance from the floor is advised. In modern times, almost all floors include 9 feet or more height to a ceiling so that the ceiling fans fit in perfectly. 

• Are Hugger Ceiling Fans Good?

Yes, they are good especially for ceilings that are 8 feet above the floor or less. This way hugger fans don’t intervene with your regular life and circulate air around the room. But this is not always the case as smaller rooms might require a good amount of airflow. 

• Do low profile ceiling fans work?

Yes, they work but that too with certain limitations. Low profile fans are usually installed in a small room with a lower ceiling as the normal mounting can bring the fan down too much. As the fans are placed so closely to the ceiling they can’t generate as much of the airflow as the normal mounting. 

• What is the best low-profile ceiling fan?

Low-profile ceiling fans are not alien anymore. They are often seen in our household and their wide use has grown accustomed to our eyes. Low-profile fans are now being produced by almost all the big names in the industry. Alongside the names in our list today, some more names like Matthews Irene, Quorum, Craft made Tempo, Monte Carlo Traverse. 

• Can a ceiling fan be too large for a room?

Yes, it certainly can be too large for a room. As per the safety manual, a fan must be placed with a distance of 18 inch from the sidewalls. If you don’t maintain such regulations, you won’t get the optimum level of air flow into your room and as for the appearance, it might look a bit odd. 

Wrap up

These fans can carry out multiple functionalities even though they were created to help rooms with a small ceiling but these fans, along with their effectiveness, have ensured a permanent place in the industry. So, here is our take on the best low-profile ceiling fans with lights. Don’t miss out. Hurry up and buy them.

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