Upcycle Old Age Fans:What to do with old ceiling fans?

What to do with old ceiling fans?

Ceiling fan is one of the most common household appliances we can see in our daily life, especially if it is in a rather hotter region. The product is cheap and at the same time has a big lifecycle. On average, they last as long as 10 years. Such long continuous service makes the fans go out of style. This fact gets more strength when you observe that almost all the houses have an outdated fan somewhere. 

Now the price of the product when bought is generously priced and after its service period it hardly has any resale value so many of us opt for a giveaway. This is a good idea of course but having doing that you are missing out on lots of fun projects. Let’s check out what can be done with the old ceiling fans.

Makeover for your old ceiling fan

When your fan functions properly without any problem, there is no logical explanation to throw it away. But over the time it does go out of style that’s for sure. It even sounds luxurious to change the fans because they are out of style. There is however an easy way to deal with it: Makeover

  • You will need to get hold of some essential materials like paints, brushes, cleaners, a ladder and screwdrivers.
  • The first step is to remove the fan and then separate the blades from the base.
  • After doing so, clean the blades very precisely and clean the rest of the parts as well.
  • When you are done cleaning, paint the blades. My suggestion is to use the primer coating which makes the fan look eccentric. If you see your coating is not looking good enough, wait for the first one to dye and then do the second coating.
  • Paint the rest of the parts with general paint. You won’t need any coating for this.
  • After all the paints dried, reconnect them with the motor base and screw it to the ceiling. 

The process itself is very easy and saves a lot of money. It is a worthy experience. 

Creative use of old fans

So the concept of the upcycling part is basically to make beautiful and at the same time useful things out of old items. What makes it different from recycling is that this concept is to reuse the materials not to extract anything from it. This practice is an artistic one and certainly not a new one. When you think of it, it is quite interesting to take part in these activities.

  • The housing that had been used for the motor can be turned into a planter. You just have to paint the outside as per your choice and rests of the things are already perfect as it is.
  • The blades when painted look great as wall hangers. It meets the need for aesthetics and itself is a beautiful piece of art. 
  • Alternative use of the blades is as memo holders. Your grocery lists and sticky notes will now have a definite place.

Turning the old fan parts repurpose parts

DIY is a good way to transform old parts into something purposeful. Almost all the fan parts can be reused into something starting from the base to the blades and even the hooks.

  • The coat rack can be made out of the hooks. If you paint the clamps, they look very modern and are very effective.
  • Many fans have lights attached to them. After they are out of order, you can turn them into a flower planter.
  • The lid of the motor can be used as a birdfeeder. Just clean it nicely and then hang it with a rope or something. Once it’s ready, it is even hard to tell that it is made out of a fan.


If you don’t avail of the chance to sell or donate your old ceiling fan then it is better to make a repurpose use out of it. The listed process above makes the fans a thousand times better than what was just a scrap. So you can see that it is not mandatory to get rid of it, many alternative solutions is possible to adopt. 

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